Unlikely Place
August 2, 2017

When I was younger, my friends and I would talk about what type of girl we would marry. Yeah, we were those weird kids.


But while we would talk about what she might look like and how she might act, I thought about something else. For me, I wasn’t really sure what she would look like, but I did know I wanted to be with someone that understood me. 


I was born into a family that didn’t seem to have much variety when it came to who they chose to be with. It’s always seemed to me that there was this “genre” of “type” of person that they would end up marrying, with very minimal differences. And after 3 failed tries of dating, I started to really reflect on what it is I was looking for in a person. 


Fast forward 2-3 years later. I’m sitting on bench inside of a church watching this beautiful, petite, 5’5″, dark haired girl. Not in a creepy way, but I loved watching her make setup for the youth.


And then it hit me… She was Mexican.


And I ended up marrying her. The end.


No that’s not the end of the story, but why am I telling you this? 


In 1 Kings 17:4 it says,

“Drink from the brook and eat what the ravens bring you, for I have commanded them to bring you food.””


You’re probably like ok… a bird bringing a man some food. What does this have to do with you marrying a Mexican?


It has everything to do with it! No one in my family had ever been with anyone outside of our race. At least to my knowledge. We researched our family tree all the way back until that early 1800s. 


And that taught me something…


When you label where your provision has to come from, you will miss the provision altogether.


If I would have labeled where I thought my wife was going to come from, I would have never said yes to the most amazing woman I could have ever asked for. 


So if you are not seeing something happening in your life, you might want to take a step back and see if God is trying to send you something or someone from the most unlikely place.

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