The Benefit of Brokenness
November 14, 2018

11-12 Time passed. Moses grew up. One day he went and saw his brothers, saw all that hard labor. Then he saw an Egyptian hit a Hebrew—one of his relatives! He looked this way and then that; when he realized there was no one in sight, he killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand. 13 The next day he went out there again. Two Hebrew men were fighting. He spoke to the man who started it: “Why are you hitting your neighbor?” 14 The man shot back: “Who do you think you are, telling us what to do? Are you going to kill me the way you killed that Egyptian?” Then Moses panicked: “Word’s gotten out—people know about this.” 15 Pharaoh heard about it and tried to kill Moses, but Moses got away to the land of Midian. He sat down by a well.            Exodus 2:11-15 MSG


God had an incredible calling in mind for Moses — to free more than 2,000,000 Israelites from Egyptian bondage.  This future liberator seemed fit for the job. As Pharaoh’s adopted grandson, he was for sure privileged with special rights and advantages that most Israelites (and even Egyptians) did not have.  All access passes to the royal amenities of wealth, power, and education.


But Moses also had a strong independent spirit that could get in the way of his obedience to God.  God’s plan required one with a broken and humble spirit and that would follow Him and rely on His divine power rather than depend on his own strength, wit and merit.  


This big mistake made by killing an Egyptian for beating a slave, would actually turn out to be Moses’ opportunity to learn this important lesson.  Realizing the murder was witnessed, he was caught red handed, Moses fled to the desert to escape Pharaoh’s judgement. It was there that he came to the end of himself.


Like Moses, we’re all born with a tendency toward selfishness and stubbornness and want things done our way.  But God gives us opportunities to bring every area of our life to Him in submission.  Though few of us will be given a job like Moses was given, God does have an unbelievable purpose in mind for each of us.  Whether His plan is that we raise a godly family, reach out to a co-worker, or run a small business with integrity and consideration, He wants us to do so in His power.  


To prepare us for his work, He sometimes uses brokenness which obviously wouldn’t be part of our top 3 choice methods.  However, God knows hardship is sometimes necessary to strip us of our selfish ways. Don’t be afraid to ask Him to bring any brokenness that He deems necessary in your life.  And watch God freely use you for His glory.

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