New Year, New Goals
January 9, 2019

I get it, it’s the beginning of a new year and you’re absolutely sold on those resolutions. You’re fed up with the same bad habits from 2018 and want this year to be transformative. We all want to create a workout routine, eat healthier and wake up earlier, but what can make all of those things happen?


Quiet time with God.


Pastor Brandon has taught on spending time with God many times, we know the steps to make this happen! But making it a habit and something that we love can be hard when we don’t see instant results in our own lives. But more than receiving from God, we get to sit in his presence and learn from Him. We get to pray and thank him for all that he’s done for us.


Pastor Brandon shares some powerful thoughts on this below…



We all face a daily battle that can be easily won and all we have to do is show up. It’s the battle of spending quality time with God.


In the story of the prodigal son the older brother gets upset at the father that he’s not given him anything. However the father responds to him in verse 31:


And he said to him, ‘Son you are always with me, and all that I have is yours.


Think about those two statements for a minute and how they impact your heart. What is the father trying to communicate? The son was living in the house but not spending time with the father. The son went from his bedroom to the kitchen every day without stopping to sit on the couch to meet with his father.


When you stop meeting with the father, you become blinded to all the father has to offer.


I wonder how many believers are in the house at church every week, but between Sunday to Sunday aren’t meeting with the Father. When you are struggling to find hope, joy, faith, and strength, all things the Father offers – you have lost sight of what the Father has to offer because you’ve stopped spending time with Him. …all that I have is yours.


We all have our “quiet time” and usually that consists of praying and reading our one year Bible plan. I remember one day going into the city ready to spend time with God and I forgot my Bible, iPad, and laptop with my Bible software. I got so mad because I thought to myself I drove all this way to spend time with God and forgot my Bible. I was putting my car in reverse to head back home and the Lord spoke to me, “Why do you need that to meet with Me?” I thought to myself, “I don’t know..”


He told me to turn on some music and let me get to work. Within in minutes God’s presence filled the car and it was so heavy that I felt like He was right beside me. In that moment I asked myself a question:


Is my quiet time spent meeting with words or meeting with a person?


Am I meeting to check it off of my list to feel good about reading my one year Bible,  get an award and a pat on the back? Or am I meeting with the person of God and the Holy Spirit. If I build a relationship with a person, then I am reminded of what all the Father has to offer. I’m not at all knocking the importance of reading and praying daily. We all need that and it should be the first part of your day. I’m asking you this – Is your quiet time meeting with just words, or is it meeting with God? One blinds you from what He offers and the other reminds you of what He offers. Start tomorrow with a fresh perspective and discover the power of quality time with Jesus.

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