Loving Jesus
December 13, 2017

This Sunday Pastor Brandon shared a powerful personal story on his journey to being reminded why he loves Jesus. We heard him tell stories about how God revealed to him his goodness and the power of knowing God is always there with open arms. If you haven’t heard this message, check it out here!


This week I’ve reflected on why I love Jesus too. Is is because he loves me? Because he takes care of all my needs? Or is it because he listens to my no matter what? No, I think it’s because he is constant – He has never once failed to be a loving father and never will. He is unconditional in his love for me.


In Galatians, Paul comes back to ask the people why they are working so hard to live by the old law. The law that Jesus died to remove from our shoulders and bring us closer to HIM! Galatians 3:24-25 says, “The law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justifies by faith. Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law.”


Wow. That’s the love of God, honest and real. Before Jesus, sin kept us from being close to God. Now, there is not a single thing that can separate us from him. No amount of sin, no amount of confusion, no amount of fear. He is with us no matter what. That’s what unconditional love is.


So now the questions becomes,  how can I not love Jesus?! What about this amazing savior is there not to love? He came for me and he came for you. He will always be ready to receive us the second we turn to him.


If you want to go deeper into God’s love and step closer to him more than ever before, take a listen to this week’s message. Be filled up.

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