Is God Listening?
April 12, 2017

I recently heard a sermon that I cannot get off of my mind. It’s one of those messages that you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about. You know the kind.


This particular sermon was one that I wasn’t really engaged with, granted I was sick and lying on the couch while my husband whooped and amen’d the entire time. I knew the word being spoken was so relevant to the season my husband was experiencing but I just couldn’t seem to apply it to myself, no matter how much I wanted to.


Then the bomb fell…


The pastor closed his sermon with a passage from 2 Kings 7. As the prophet Elisha and the Israelite army feared going into Syria, four lepers ventured into the city, sure that they would die by either the Syrians or the from the famine that had struck the land. But when they got there they saw that the Syrians had abandoned EVERYTHING and were gone! The lepers immediately ran to the king to share the amazing news. The leperes brought good news!


In this time, lepers were the most unclean and outcast of any person. They lived in small communities of filth and death. But, God used these four men to bring the news that the army of Israel was praying for. And I couldn’t help but ask myself,


“Who is God trying to speak to me through that I’m missing?”


Man, what a conviction. I have struggled so deeply with feeling like I wasn’t hearing God’s voice. Like my prayers were being spoken into the air and falling to the ground. But that is not the God I serve! He hears all cries and all hearts. Was I just not opening myself to hearing him the way I wanted?


As thoughts began to fill my head, I reflected on times when my husband and I were dating and he would share a word with me. He would try to speak life to me and my reactions were so defensive! I wasn’t reading my Bible everyday and he would encourage me or even just call me out and I would get so mad at him thinking, “Who do you think you are?! You’re not God! Only God can talk to me like that!” Oh, how wrong I was.


While I was praying for a miracle in my life, I was drying up. I had closed my ears to the people God was trying to use to speak to me through.


Who are you cutting off? Who are you closing your heart to that God could be using to speak to you? It could be the person you would least expect or even your own spouse. I encourage you today to pray for an open heart and willing spirit to listen. Watch and experience the freedom when you begin to hear God speaking to you in new ways!
Today, I find that God speaks to me more and more through so many varieties of people. You just have to let the right things in.

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