Frustration in Waiting on a Miracle
November 2, 2016

I was sitting in a cottage at Angola prison after a great time of fellowship with some of my dear friends that are serving life sentences. My boy Sean Rose was with me on this trip & I made the comment, “Man, I”m just praying for a miracle for these guys to get out, it frustrates me sometimes to see such potential locked up.” We talked it out for a bit & then Sean mentioned a story in the Bible that sparked this idea for a mid-week flow.  We read Luke 8:40-56, which has a two fold story in this passage.  I challenge you to go read it but for the sake of space & time I’ll paraphrase.
The story starts with a man by the name of Jairus, who was a leading priest in the city.  His twelve year old daughter became deathly sick & he ran to Jesus when he heard he was in the city.  He begged Jesus to come to his home to heal his daughter, and Jesus agreed to visit.  However during the Journey to the miracle, Jesus was interrupted by a women with an issue of blood.  She maneuvers her way through the fast moving crowd to reach out & touch the tip of Jesus’ robe & she was healed.  We know the story… Jesus stops and ask “Who touched me.” Then he tells the women that her faith has healed her. Now in the mean time while Jesus had stopped, a messenger from Jairus house came to tell him that his daughter has died, there’s no need to bother the teacher now.

Have you ever been in need of a miracle & get frustrated because it feels like Jesus is taking care of everyone else but you?

The frustration of waiting has led you to the point of saying; “Jesus I’m not going to even bother you with this anymore”.
Time has caused you to stop praying, worshiping, coming to church, believing that your need will be met.  If I’m honest with myself & with you, there’s been times where I felt just like Jairus.  Never to the degree of difficulty of the death of a child, but I definitely have had my faith shaken because of time.  There are a few things we can learn form this story concerning frustration.

1)  Keep coming to Jesus & let Him Lead

Jairus could of easily given up and said “Forget you Jesus, If you would of just kept walking my daughter wouldn’t of died.”  Jesus said in verse 50 “Don’t be afraid, just have faith…”

He chose to hold on to the words of Jesus & then he followed Jesus into the house.

He followed Jesus into his situation.  So many times we find ourselves trying to find all the answers to our problems and we lose rest and get frustrated, which leads to doubt & bitterness.  When you’re frustrated, don’t give up. Keep coming to church, keep coming to the Word, keep coming to worship, keep coming to Jesus, and let Him Lead.

2)   Ignore & Get Rid of the Haters

The people laughed at Jesus when he said “…she’s not dead, she’s only asleep.”

I love this about Jesus because He ignored the negative and went ahead pursuing the promise.  You can’t control the people in your life that are Haters – sipping on Haterade.  If the people you’re hanging with can’t speak life into you, then find some new friends.

3)   Keep Eating

Jesus said “…give her something to eat.”

This might be the most important point in this story.  So many times when God delivers our miracle, we forget to keep eating.  We call on Him and dive deep into worship, the word, & his presence because we have a need.  But when that need is met & we are not in a season of need – do we keep worshiping, reading, & spending time with Jesus.

Flip the frustration.  You’re frustrated waiting on God to move for you. He takes care of you, but now you don’t take care of Him. If your kid had no desire to spend time with you, would it frustrate you? YES! Keep Eating

Seasons of frustration are tough, but they draw us closer to Jesus.

For me that makes it all worth it.  How about You?

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